About the Festival

The colorful festival of Rajasthan gangaur is one of the most important festival of Rajasthan celebrated by women of all ages. Women worship Gauri , the wife of Lord Shiva for the celebration of Martial Fidelity where unmarried women fast for their grooms to be and married women worship and fast for the long and prosperous life of their husbands.

The festival starts the next day of Holi and continues for 18 days and the women keep fasting for the next 18 days. During this meanwhile images of MaaGauri are imprinted on clay and wooden plasks. Unmarried women on the 7th day go around carrying an earthen pot with a burning lamp inside and collect small presents of sweets, jaggery , oil and etc. They keep on doing this until the last day when they break the pots and sway the debris in well and to mark the end of festival create a feast for them with the food material collected during the festival.

Udaipur has  a special ghat just for this festival and hence makes one of the best places to see the vibrancy and love of this festival.
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