Welcome to Sikkim

Sikkim the land of sights, is one of the places to keep hold of its distinctive personality since beginning. The meditative, peaceful Buddhist monasteries coexist with the Hindu shrines giving its skyline some of the best view of the nation.  Epicenter of some of the rarest wildlife and spectacular flora and fauna, Sikkim is too easy to fall in love with. When clouds clear, an ever-thrilling experience from many a ridgetop perch is spotting the world's third-highest mountain, Khangchendzonga (8598m).Clean, green and 'all organic', Sikkim is known for its spices and is the world’s second largest spice producer after Guatemala.  Sikkim surprisingly is renowned for its alcohol consumption ranking 3rd in India after Punjab and Haryana. One can be sure of enjoying some of the best sights of the world under quite possibly the best of climates with a pint side by him, nothing more can be relaxing.